Welcome to Perth Kickboxing Academy Mixed Martial Arts. The media and market is flooded with images and advice concerning health and fitness so selecting a gym or activity to assist you in achieving this goal has never been more commercially convenient. This dynamic has extended into the martial arts market by combining the two services, self defence/competition and health/fitness. This makes many business models more lucrative, seeking fitness money to fund what was previously a niche hobby.

What choice a consumer ultimately makes comes down to an intersect of two factors. Convenience and service. How much convenience will be sacrificed for the exact service envisioned and vice versa. Ultimately this decision process does not serve the martial arts model however. Martial arts are far greater in complexity than fitness training, therefore systematic order being created from the dynamics of complexity is much harder to achieve. What makes this decision even harder is it is a largely uneducated one. Without any chance of objective assessment at what constitutes knowledge, the consumer must rely on proxies.

This decision is made even more opaque by the learning curve in martial arts. It takes a prohibitive length time for the physiological adaptations and the conceptual framework to understand and perform even at a basic level. The sterotypical pattern of an initial 3 weeks of intense training leading up to a 3 month giving up decision, make learning or understanding martial arts almost impossible. If the discipline and focus required to master martial arts is something you feel you have or want, we welcome your interest in our club. We welcome any new additions to our academy that are enthusiastic and willing to work with our existing team and grow our competitive status.




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